Elena with students at Talking Colors Art School

About Talking Colors Art School

Located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Talking Colors Art School is an innovative private art school offering classes in drawing, painting, clay work, printmaking, silk painting, and mosaic.

Founded in 1993 by Elena Townsend-Efimova, an internationally renowned art educator, Talking Colors Art School serves the whole family, from children aged 6 and up to adult students of all levels.

The school’s unique hands-on approach lets students experience, understand, and express their connection to the world around them.

Classes are informal, and are intentionally kept small to give each student maximum time with the school’s select faculty, carefully choses for their talents not only as outstanding artists but as exceptional teachers as well.

Exhibits, workshops and recitals are offered to supplement the school’s full range of classes. Special semester break and summer camp programs are also offered on a regular basis.

No matter what the medium, the goal remains the same – to enable each student to see more deeply and communicate more creatively.


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